CRUIN HARBOUR CRUIN HARBOUR Caley Jumbo Caley Jumbo approaches the station platforms 161728852 Caley Jumbo Behind the signal box en route form the engine shed. This view is not available except by the camera 161728853 Awaiting Departure Train ready for departure in Cruin Harbour station platform 161728854 Departing Excursion An excursion, heade by the Caley jumbo passes behind the goods yad approach track 161728855 Goods Yard The goods shed at the end of the three track goods yard 161728856 Logs wati shipment These logs are in place to hide a point motor 161728857 Cruin station General view of Cruin Station 161728858 Goods Yard General view of the goods yard looking toward the station 161728859 Water tower Engine shed to the left, signal box to the right. The water tower and coaling facility 161728860 Jumbo hauls an excursion A departing excursion negotiates the station throat 161728861 Departing Excursion An excursion is on its way 161728862 Caley Jumbo "on shed" The Caley Jumbo rest on the shed between runs 161728863 Heading to the station Caley Jumbo leaves the shed to prepare for another run 161728864 Running Round A class 26 runs around its train after arrival in Cruin Harbour 161728865