Glasgow, Scotland 

Clydeside Model Rail Club

Model Railway Club in Scotland


It's been a while since the webmaster was in the clubrooms, but a triumphant return was made and it was excellent to see the progress around the clubrooms.

After the amazement at the cleanup jobs in the clubroom, the complaint about the lack of updates to the websites, a repeat of the complaint of the lack of updates to the website from the same member, then walking away on the third time it was time to see the excellent work on the clubs layouts.

The great news was progress on the clubs latest layout Bains Reach which has seen the automatic running on the top level connected and working. Some excellent work led by Douglas came to results after a few nights of head scratching and a few minor mishaps. Some additional work will be required to move the parts to the control panel but still great to see - The picture to the right shows a class 156 testing the platform in the soon to be installed station.

If you would like to help complete Bains Reach or see any of our layouts feel free to contact us via the contact us page.