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With Christmas now behind us and the full stomach’s finally settling it was another night for the Clydeside club, or at least for those willing to brave the elements. With Allander Bank’s restoration work on going outside the club it allowed our members to have a more relaxed night and focus on the bits they wanted. Some continued work on the layouts including our right hand man who decided to head to Bains Reach where the Ballasting work was needed as shown on the left, It’s a lot of track to do but it’s making great progress. 

Elsewhere around the club some managed to run a few loco’s, others pondered about couplings, weathering of loco’s, and what was next for the clubs layouts. The rest just moaned about the cold weather.
One of the great advantages of joining a club is it lets you try your hand at a number of things from layout construction, scenics, stock preparation and repair, or even just running some of your own loco’s on the club layouts. But the greatest part is you have a number of people able to help with a skill you maybe struggle with or even just advise on things. This week saw us fitting sound into both end of a Hornby HST. Given the limited space inside the motor end it required a bit of removal of the chassis block, a lot of careful cutting, and a few attempts back and forth to program things since the dummy car wouldn’t program without a motor.

As can be seen a good bit of work was needed and the results sounded excellent and with a few tweaks was running perfectly on our layout. You can see it below stationed in West Bournegroom as a class 37 passes just in front. Meanwhile a Class 55 stops at the signal box to find out his path onwards. Perhaps adding sound to these loco’s will be next?

If you’d like to help why not get in touch with us on the Contact page and arrange a visit? We're always happy to welcome new people and offer some of our knowledge. Or why not join us at Model Rail Scotland and see the results of the refurbishment or Allander Bank.

The driver of the Deltic decided to stop in for a quick refreshment.