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Bains Reach
The upper level of Bains Reach features an automatic shuttle utillsing three DMU's each in a different livery to make sure viewers realise that the trains run alternately..
At the end of the shuttle high level track is an island station.
Our picture (right) illustrates one of those problems you do not think about as you work through the design stages. The METCALFE arches which front the station were too high in their original form and the train was not visible when in the station. To correct the upper section was reduced in size as seen in the centre of the picture. 

BAINS REACH will be on display at the CATHCART MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBITION October 21/22, 2018. 
Pollokshaws Burgh Halls ,Glasgow


This layout will also  be displayed at the CATHCART MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBITION on October 20/21 at POLLOKSHAWS BURGH HALL, Glasgow.
Some of the new back scene boards are no in place. Unfortunately their is a small height discrepancy with the sky level at one of the baseboard joins. This is visible top centre in the small video clip below. A correction to this is pending.
Click on the arrow in the picture below and if you are patient enough you will see a train pass through the station