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As a thanks to the hard working members of Clydeside for the past year the club funded this years annual outing. As is normal we like to find a day away that keeps with the railway theme and this year took us to the Eden Valley Railway in Cumbria. Based at the old Warcop Station the Eden Valley railway is a small group of enthusiasts working hard keep 2 miles of track running while also restoring the collection of loco’s and rolling stock.

Despite repeated warnings about the meeting time we held on for a while for any stragglers before departing, this allowed the webmaster time to go get his morning coffee before the trip down. It must be said for an early start on a Sunday most people turned up with time to spare. After some stops, some modelling discussions, pointing out of profanities on the road down, and even a little discussion about busses remade it in perfect time for the run on the groups diesel thumper unit. The group was even treated to the first class compartments - A real step in up luxury than we were used to.

This followed on with a tour of the teams stock yard giving some excellent knowledge into the array of wagons and loco’s stored on site as well as an insight into some of the pains of railway preservation. We also got to see first hand the excellent restoration work as the Fowler diesel unit was getting it’s final touchups by the painting team. It must be said it was looking superb! 

Following the tour the Clydeside members continued around the site discussing various loco’s and admiring the on site model railway before enjoying some final trips on the Thumper to conclude a fantastic day.

The Clydeside team would like to thank the volenteers at the Eden Valley Railway for giving us an fantastic day out. Was great to see the enthusiasm for the the line and the preservation.

Two additional unit's sitting in the yard.

The club starting to gather for the bus.

Being shown round the stock yard.

A view from the thumper heading back to Warcop Station.


Back in the Clubroom the first trains have now started to run! A number of layouts have been put up and work to get everything in running order continues. This shot shows GNER running short HST's up to Ferness in a trial run for more frequent HST service to the area.