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Last weeks club nights featured a lot of work being done on the Codgers Pass and Allander Bank layouts.
The emphasis, however, was on having a bit of fun with the models. All six layouts which are erected in our club room were used for train running.
On the right we show the 'under construction' BAINS REACH  layout with a rather less than satisfactory running. It took place to allow us to say "all six layouts ran".
The Web Master's camera will no longer film in video so an unfamiliar iPad was employed - "which button do you press"
A little more sucessful was the running onour 'N' gauge layout "TUERLAND". Video clip on the right.
A member had been busy for quite some time cleaning the track on this layout. It had not been operational for several months and certainly not since it was moved to our new meeting place East of Glasgow.
Following the cleaning the three car German rail coach set was allowed to run round and round in itself further improving the electrical contact through the track.



The re-aligned curve which was displayed on last weeks web page has received some ballast to the track. (no photo I am sorry but maybe next week when more ballast is laid).
A lot of effort went in to leveling track at baseboard joins. Over time the track ends (baseboard ends) has risen and caused a substantial and inevitable de-railing point. The photograph (left) does not convey the severity of the "hump". The track to the front has been leveled - (more ballasting work needed!) the track to the rear awaits a similar adjustment. Surprisinigly trains have been running across that dreadful piece of track. Still we could hardly risk taking it to Model Rail Scotland 2019 in that state. All will be put right long before February next year.