Glasgow, Scotland 

Clydeside Model Rail Club

Model Railway Club in Scotland


Having spent over 15 years in the lower levels of Glasgow Central Station, Clydeside was recently given notice our agreement with network rail for our clubrooms was being ended. Some attempts to secure a new clubroom have failed which means we will soon be vacating the station grounds.

Currently at this time the Club's Council is working to secure a new location for the club and we would like to thank our members for assisting where possible. If anyone knows of a location that might be suitable please feel free to contact us.

With that said the operation to pack up layouts has begun with great results but during this it was revealed one of our layouts - "Wynder" - was in a bad state and the decision to scrap it was taken.

Wynder was built in 1999 by the Clydeside club and was shown at many exhibitions during its time including our own Cathcart show as well as Model Rail Scotland and was also featured in the March 1999 issue of Continental Modeller. The layout depicted a single track path into Chicago with passing loops at the station and presented a busy layout for such line. Not without a touch of humour the local businesses all took names from famous films and TV Shows (especially "Star Trek"), and with the local cinema showing Rocky 17!

There was also a "spot the pussy on the roof" activity as "models" of various members' cats were on some of the buildings!

It was a great layout to operate and great fun to have at exhibitions and shows. 

Most of the rolling stock has migrated to "Codgers' Pass", so all is not lost!


In lighter news, one of our members Douglas was testing his recently completed Fairburn tank. Shown here in trials on Cruin Harbour before being sent to the paint shop. The Trials proved highly successful with only some minor adjustments needed but it’s expected to enter full passenger service in no time!