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Clydeside Model Rail Club

Model Railway Club in Scotland


West Bournegroom is a single track layout with a station with a passing loop and a junction to a short branch to an off scene harbour. Given all the pointwork and the ability to run "end to end" or round in circles, it is an ideal layout to use as a test track! Over the last month or so the layout has been operating in DCC mode, and has seen all sorts of stock in operation.

At a recent model railway show one of our members grabbed a bargain. He did see it run at the show, but when giving it a decent workout on West Bournegroom, he found things could have been better. This is where being in a club pays off. various people contributed and various tests carried out. The picture (top left) shows the engine exposed during a series of tests to improve it's running. Even when running smoothly there was still a de-railment problem. Now Clydeside's tracklaying is not perfect, but once someone suggested checking the wheel back to back measurements the problem was found and cured. So the loco then went on to perform for some time hauling a six coach mail train - much to the owner's delight.

The second picture (bottom left) proves the point about all sort of stock! I don't think any Western Region diesels made it up to Fife, but it "is our train set and we can run what we want"! Another loco being test run after an overhaul.

Ferness is a layout inspired by Macduff, a big village / small town of around 4,000 people. The layout was at Model Rail Scotland 2017 and ran suitable trains for a line which in real life did not survive Dr Beeching. However, as said above "it's our trainset" and one of our members (who has tonnes of modern image rolling stock) decided to test Ferness (and the fiddle yard!) literally to capacity, as you can see in the picture to the right.

If you stay near or in Glasgow and would like to try out you stock on one of our layouts, please feel free to contact us to arrange for a visit - you'll even get a mug of tea or coffee!

There may be a possibility of and open day in our clubroom sometime before Model Rail Scotland 2018 - Watch this space for details!