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Bains Reach

Club Layouts


BLAUSEE MITHOLZ: members layout This layout is owned by one of our members. Even so it has been exhibited at public shows on behalf of the club several times. The layout originated as a test track for a couple of locomotives brought back from holidays in Switzerland. It then developed into an end to end layout based very losely on the rear Blausee Mitholz sation which lies on the BLS line in the Southern Swiss alps. We say losely because the real station is a through station while the model is a terminus. At the outer end is a fiddle yard consisting of three dead end lines and a return loop. The layout is very popular with members when it is dragged out to be exhibited. Operation is smooth and straight forward allowing the operators to sit and relax while in control.

IRRGARTEN: completed layout

WEST BOURNEGROOM: (completed layout)

This layout represented our first steps into DCC control. We wanted a layout on which we could test out various digital control systems. The one we eventually favoured as the LENZ syste. While this is now installed, any member wishing to try alternative systems is welcome to connect up and run the layout.

While basically of the form of a single track oval the layout has storage sidings to the rear and a country station with passing loop and bay platform in the scenic area. A branchline leads of from the station to further hidden sidings.

The backscene is a digital image of a village in Fife and adds to th LNER flavour.

FKB (FEIERABENDFUR KAFFEPAUSE BAHN): members layout - completed

This Austrain 'HOe' Gauge (3.5mm:1ft stock on 9 mm track) layout can be operated either DC or DCC. Although referred to, in the club rooms, using its initials, this is not a good idea if you are near Ibrox!!!!

The track layout is very similar to that of our West Bournegroom layout. A simple oval with two storage loops behind the back scene and a station with passing loop. The goods yard has a working interchange with a standard gauge line.

BAINS REACH: completed layout

This has been set as a challenge to one of our newer members who has been tasked with supervising and building the layout. It will take the form of a large industrial area on the main level and a suburban line on a higher level (shown in the illustration).

The structures for the scenic area will be mainly from cardboard kits commercially available, some no longer on the market but can be obtained from various second hand sources.

The suburban line on the high level will be automated with control based around a shuttle module. The automation will be improved later with a bespoke system to run three trains.

A lot of the track work and points have been obtained from old club stock and the buildings will be 'borrowed' from the member responsible for the overall construction of the layout.  

FERNESS: completed layout

This was a project with a difference..

WE used an experimental method of construction, the baseboard frames were constructed from aluminium angle with a sub surface of insulation wall board.

The illustration shows two LNER locos ready to depart.

Trackwork design is based on the old MacDuff station in the North of Scotland. For those familiar with the now closed and forgotten station we have switched the main

platform and bay around to bring the area with most operational interest to the front (i.e. the main platform and run round loop). During construction we decided to keep the run round loop in the rear platform to provide better operation from the model point of view.

MacDuff station was built high above a sandy beach at the sea front and part of our cliff structure can be seen in the picture to the right..

Beyond the station the tracks curve sharply inland (away from the front) as they did on the prototype and end in a four siding fiddle yard behind and parallel to the station.

TUERLAND: completed layout ('N' gauge - North European)

This model was built rapidly to provide one of our exhibits at the Cathcart Model Railway Exhibition 2016.

If originated as a Boys Brigade display layout and came to us as an oridnary door with a twin oval of tracks. We have applied scenic work, buildings, lighting and a full control panel.

Our intention is to use this easily portable layout at small shows and when there allow the younger visitors (or older if they wish) to run the trains.

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