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A listing of the layouts currently booked to appear at the 2024 Cathcart Model Railway exhibition has been added to our CATHCART EXHIBITION page.

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The old cinema which was located centrally in the township of the Corkehill Tramway is no longer available to the club. 

Hence, we built a new one. This is a low relief structure which helps the working part of the model blend into the painted backscene.

The model of the cinema has been created using a SCREENSCENES downdload, print and build kit.  

Choice of films being shown in our cinmea go back a few years but they were favorites in their time.

The Corkerhill Tramway layout will be one of our exhibits at this years Cathcart Model Railway Exhibition - 28/29 October in Pollokshaws Burgh Halls, Glasgow.

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                                     A brief update on Dalgie Hill 'HO' USA layout

For the past few weeks it has not been possible to run trains on the Dalgie Hill layout. there has been a lot of work put in to make the track joints at baseboard joins more easily assembled at shows. This week we took the opportunity to test clearances and track alignments with a train of Rivarossi Heavy Weight Passenger Cars.

The flat car immediately behind the locomotive is in place to resolve incompatible couplers on the loco and coach, The trial runs worked out fairly well. We can now concentrate on automatic running in time for the display of this layout at Cathcart Exhibition and at Paisley Exhiibition.

dal passenger 1.JPG
dal passenger 2.JPG


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