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A listing of the layouts currently booked to appear at the 2024 Cathcart Model Railway exhibition has been added to our CATHCART EXHIBITION page.

Click on Cathcart Exhibition for full details

Only two of our layouts have been in regular use for train running in the last few weeks.

West Bournegroom ('OO - DCC' has seen a lot of our past chairmans LNER stock locomotives hauling a variety of his own and club rolling stock. Also on the run has been FERNESS 'OO - analogue'. seen on this page is a ballast train left in platform 2 when we last left the club. Hopefully it will move on before next club night.

If you would like to run some of your own trains - bring them along to one of our nights (Tuesday or Friday) no obligations. Contact us via the CONTACT US page for an invitation and location.

ferness ballast.JPG



        We have recently aquired some new equipment. A SPROG3.

What is a SPROG 3. It is an electronic advice which when used in conjunction with a laptop (which we have also recently obtained) can assists with the digital programing of locomotives and  digital accesories without them being on/attached to a layout. This device allows more accurate and more detailed programming of DCC equiped items. 

If you are having difficulty or just can not get the fine trim you want from your digital equipment bring it/them along to one of our club nights. We may be able to help. Contact us via our CONTACT US page on this site for details of our club and times of opening.

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