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We have recently gone through a re-organisation of how our layouts are laid out in the club room. Below are three pictures showing the overall layout.s  . This gives us better access to most of our layouts and encourages the running of trains.

If you like what you see here why not come to one of our club nights  and see our displays first hand - contact us via our "Contact Us" page to make arrangements.

On the left is a view of layouts laid along the south wall of the room.

In the centre of the picture is FERNESS (Highland 'OO'). Left centre is IRRGARTEN (Swiss ('HO').

 In bottom left corner is ALLANDER BANK  Glasgow suburban ('OO')' 

In top left corner is our 'O' gauge layout stacked and stored for future use.

The control panel in the image has not been found a place in which to store it. It will move soon!

Along the club room East wall which shows the entrance door:

.Foreground right is IRRGARTEN (Swiss 'HO')

Centre is ALLANDER BANK (Glasgow suburban ('OO')

Left centre is WEST BOURNEGROOM (Scottish East Coast ('OO digital')

In the corner in the centre of the picture is TUERLAND (Continental 'N')

Looking in the direction of the East and North walls.

Foreground is FERNESS ('OO' Highland).

Across the centre is ALLANDER BANK ('OO' Glasgow Subirban)

Along the rear wall (with the "22" sign) is WEST BOURNEGROOM ('OO' Scotland East coast)

I front of WEST BOURNEGROOM is BAINS REACH  ('OO') our Brewery layout.)