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The work to have DALGIE HILL ready in time for Model Rail Scotland in February next year continues each club night . The extensive rock face, waterfall and lake scenery which takes most of the central area of the layout is in constant development but is not yet ready for a photograph. 

Scenic work has returned to the area behind the Dalgie Township. A new girder bridge has been assembled away fro the club room and is now in place at the exit from the upper storage sidings. The photograph shows our Pacific Fruit Express on a trial running crossing this new bridge.

The train passing under the new bridge is a mixed freight train undergoing trial running around the layout. It is entering the lower storage sidings. 

The ground work around the bridge is going to be enhanced by the addition of static grasses, bushes and trees. It is hoped this work will be assigned to the member who constructed and fitted the bridge.  

brianbridge 1.JPG



Our Tuerland ('N' gauge) layout fresh from its showing at WARLEY will be on display at PAISLEY 2/3 December 2023. The exhibition will be in the Paisley Centre, Causeyside Street

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