Glasgow, Scotland 

                                                Recent club nights have involved no modelling. Our attentions have been directed

                                                       to packing all of our layouts and all of our associated equipment.  


                                                     Very soon it will all be moved to a storage unit in central Glasgow.

   If you know of any rooms, attics, basements we could rent exclusive use of for around £300  per month please contact us.

                           This week we are showing the current stage in our packing ready for transfer to storage.

                                                     All photographs by Frank Geary

   Unfortunately we will be unable to entertain visitors to club nights until we find and settle in alternative accommodation

                                                                  page updated 4 December 2021


Layouts dismantled to their individual boards and stacked as they will be stored in the storage vaults. On the left is IRRGARTEN (Swiss HO). In the centre is FERNESS (British OO). In the background the trestles on which our layouts are erected

Looking toward the front of the room (opposite angle to the picture on the left). In the centre is our newest layout which was shown at the recent Cathcart Model Railway Exhibition. Namely ABBEY COVE. Beyond in the background scarcely seen is our 'O' gauge layout CRUIN HARBOUR.

Top right another part of our Swiss layout.

   BAINS REACH (OO) British, turned on its back to remove                     The final farewell to our EASTERHOUSE club room 

      the bolts which hold the individual boards together.                                   our Chairman removes our name board    

Photo Gallery

USA - Grain Elevator USA - Grain Elevator The SHUTTLE WAGON This is the machine they use to move cars, usually six at a time to the fill point of the elevator. 187192609 Collecting another cut. Note the 'plate' at 45 degrees at the end of the machine. This to allow the operator to view the rail wheels from his driving position. 187192610 Close-up. The large tyre wheels used for road travel also power it on the track. 187192611 Moving 8 cars Just to prove me wrong, here it is moving I think 8. 187192612 Mirrors This photo gives good view of the mirrors. This, of course refers to the short video question earlier on this web site. 187192613